Dog Menu

Browse our selection of doggy menu items below.  Each of our items have been designed and crafted to the doggy palate using high quality ingredients as well as human grade, preservative free and locally sourced ingredients where possible. Our product range is designed to make K9 tails wag and drool slobber as well as being a super fun outing for humans as well. Come visit our mobile cafe, follow our social media accounts to keep up to date where we will be.  Contact us to place an order and we will get back to you shortly.

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Peanut butter flavoured donut shaped biscuits dipped and decorated with carob & yogurt icings. A fun treat that won’t last long. [2 per pack]

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Dog Beer


Our dog beer is a low carb, non-alcoholic & preservative free beef bitter formulated for pet consumption with human grade ingredients sourced within Australia. The beer contains glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin which are natural ingredients which contain anti-inflammatory properties to support cartilage regrowth, improve lubrication of joints, increase mobility and promote joint health naturally while also helping to prevent osteoarthritis.




The doggy take on the Aussie classic. Two carob dipped chicken flavoured
biscuits coated in a coconut layer. A yummy treat for all occasions. [2 per pack]




Doggy twist on the classic cupcake.
Wally’s signitaure pupckaes are prepared with local sourced preservative free meats & vegetables. Topped with with a lactose free icing and decoration making it one of our most popular menu items.




The Wally's specialty; a lactose free doggy-chino creation prepared without heat and topped with mouth watering bacon bits, crushed biscuit & liver treats. This is like the super shake of pupuccinos and also prompts drool.. see image for proof.




A true doggy cafe classic.  Prepared without heat the pupuccino is a lactose free doggy-chino sprinkled with cinnamon.

CAUTION: pupuccinos may cause adorable milk beards which are irresistible to capture.