Christmas Hampers & Puds

With Christmas looming Santa Paws is on his way and Wally’s Dog Cafe has you covered to ensure your pooch gets the full festive season experience.
Orders recommended as we do expect to sell out. Pick up only in the Bendigo area. See below for pick up options.


Doggy Christmas Hamper(SOLD OUT)



A Central Vic festive pooch favourite. Make sure you pick up your pooch a Wally’s Dog Cafe Christmas Hamper this year.

Hampers include: a limited edition plush squeaky emoji toy, doggy bowl, two peanut butter and yogurt doggy donuts, one chicken and carob lamington biscuit, a peanut meal cookie, ball, roll of doggy bags and a Wally’s Dog Cafe bumper sticker.

Doggy Hampers can be stored under the Christmas tree (or wherever the pooch wont sniff it out) but we do recommend treats are kept out of where they could melt e.g. direct sunlight.

There is also an option to add a Benson Bitter Dog Beer to your Hamper (+$5.00). The Beer is a new recipe for dogs this year which is a beef bone broth containing glusosamine, MSM and chindroitin; which are natural ingredients to support joint health.


Dog bEER


A new recipe this year our Benson Bitter Beers are a preservative free beef bone broth with natural ingredients to promote joint health for Dogs and is selling FAST!

Dog beer is a dog friendly cold beverage to quench those after walk feels. Low carb, non-alcoholic & preservative free beef bitter is formulated for pet consumption with human grade ingredients sourced within Australia. Ingredients include: beef bone stock, beef stock concentrate, maltodextrin, glucosamine, msm, chondroitin. The beer contains glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin as these are natural ingredients which contain anti-inflammatory properties to support cartilage regrowth, improve lubrication of joints, increase mobility and promote joint health naturally while also helping to prevent osteoarthritis.

Beer has a shelf life unopened for six months, however as this product is preservative free once the lid is popped the beer can last up to two days in refrigeration below 5 degrees. Best served cold with a good shake as ingredients can settle.

Wally's Dog Cafe Christmas Pud

Doggy Christmas Pud


Treat your pooch on Christmas Day to their very own doggy Christmas pudding. Made from locally sourced free range beef and low GI rice, puds are topped with a lactose free icing and peanut biscuit decoration.

Puds are prepared fresh and will need to be placed in the freezer until the big day. Alternatively orders picked up on December 22nd and 23rd (Saturday or Sunday) will need to be stored in the fridge below 5 degrees.

Christmas Orders are pick up only from the following dates and locations:

Kangaroo Flat Dog Park (Cnr Allingham and Chapel Street) 10AM-4PM Saturday December 22nd

Wally’s Christmas Party at Adam & Eve Cafe (2 Abel Street Golden Square) 9AM-2PM Sunday December 23rd

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