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Wally's is a mobile dog cafe that’s purpose built to celebrate, spoil and show off your furry best mate.


Dog Menu

From specially brewed beer for dogs, to a doggy twist on the classic cupcake there is bound to be a tasty treat on our menu that your dog will love. All of our products are made using dog friendly ingredients including lactose free dairy and locally sourced meats. Check out the product range for more info!


Pawty Cakes

The paw-fect way to celebrate your pooch’s birthday or adoption day. Pawty cakes are a dog friendly cake that are custom made to suit your doggy’s taste buds. Wally's pawty cakes are a meat centered treat decorated with only the best dog friendly ingredients. To order your furry friend a tasty birthday treat click here.


" Amazing! My puppy told me he loved it as well! "

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